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Meet Matthew: It’s not easy making snap decisions in life-or- death situations, but it comes along with the job [Doctor of Emergency Medicine]. But he’s way more than his career. He’s also an avid traveler and doesn’t let fear of failure hold him back. This is his story about cutting through the noise of everyday routine and learning to make healthier choices in every aspect of life.

What motivates you or drives you to get out of bed every morning, besides the alarm?
"I’m motivated by a desire to make progress everyday. Sure I go to my job, but I also run and do CrossFit. I find something that I enjoy that’s constructive, ongoing and goal-oriented, and incorporate that into regular life. Then, even if I’m not at my best, I keep trying."

How would you define confidence?
"Confidence is a willingness to try, regardless of the outcome. People who are confident aren’t always sure they’re going to succeed. You think you could screw this up, or this could end very badly, but you’re willing to go forward anyway and give it a shot."

Tell us about an experience that has influenced who you are as a person today.
"In college, I never actually moved, I just studied all the time. When the freshman 15 turned into the freshman 50 and then some, I was traumatized. So I made a few life improvements, like getting into fitness and eating more whole foods. I’ve noticed a lot of changes in myself–all of them for the better. Those positive experiences have been a big motivator because I don’t want to go back to being the ‘overweight kid’ again."

“Confidence is a willingness to try, regardless of the outcome.”

You’ve had other protein bars before. What made you switch to RXBAR?
"I first sampled RXBAR at my gym because they complied with my clean eating habits. There’s a conscious attempt to make most protein bars like candy, but RXBAR completely defied my expectations. There’s no sugar coating, no carb-based fillers, and no grainy texture. It’s just clean food that gives you natural fuel. I appreciate that."

Do you have a favorite mantra that you follow to help you stay grounded?
"I love Einstein’s quote: 'We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.' He didn’t dwell on the problem. Instead, he just took a different approach to finding the solution, and, as importantly, persevered until he did."

Favorite Flavor blueberry

Do you have a life hack that helps you see beyond the day-to-day?
"Take personal time for something you can look forward to. Whether it’s working out or spending time with friends, you can't just go into work everyday. I tend to get complacent, so I make an effort to expand my horizons and travel more. I’m going to Japan soon and plan on eating my way through the country. That way, I don’t feel like I’m experiencing the same things over and over again. It helps when that personal time is spent working towards something.