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todd's story

Todd - giving gym members the food they want has its benefits.

RXBAR partners with CrossFit-affiliated gym owner Todd to complement his client’s strength training goals through nutrition.

I met RXBAR’s co-founder Peter through CrossFit, so I know he created RXBAR with CrossFitters in mind. He knew that people wanted to eat clean and they wanted protein. RXBAR fits in line with our members’ nutritional goals.

My partnership with RXBAR formed out of friendship, but I don’t think of it as a partnership. My customers believe in it, so I want to sell it. People love this product because it tastes good, has 12g of protein, and provides good energy after your workout. And I’m all about supporting my customers.

The bars move consistently, so we’re selling a lot of product. They’re available right at the front of the gym. They’re convenient, and I’m always purchasing more online.

My instructors eat RXBARs between classes. Members grab them before, during and after workouts. They might not be a core part of my operations, but providing my customers and staff with something wholesome and tasty is just the right added perk for my business.

We’ve hosted many competitions where we gave RXBARs to participants and the feedback is always great. Whether I need promotional support or retailing advice or samples, the RXBAR team has been there for me from the get-go.