If you're constantly on the move and want a quick and tasty snack, check out our RX Nut Butter options! We've got individual nut butter packets like RX Peanut Butter packets and RX Almond Butter packets. No matter if you're busy with life or just need an easy snack, these nut butter packets are perfect. Just grab, squeeze, and enjoy the deliciousness wherever you are!

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    Coconut Almond Butter 10 Almond Butter Packets
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Not every foodstuff is meant to be consumed from a packet. For example, Wagyu beef when consumed from a packet would most certainly lose a little of the magic. Thankfully RX Nut Butter translates perfectly to packet format. This means you can bring RX Peanut Butter packets or RX Almond Butter packets on all your adventures. Rock climbing? Bring a RX Almond Butter packet along for mobile-energy. Stand-up paddle boarding journey? Bring a RX Peanut Butter packet to stave off hunger. You can even have a nut butter packet when doing something decidedly less epic but still mobile such as walking your dog or mowing your lawn. Heck, you can even enjoy a nut butter packet while sitting perfectly still doing nothing at all, we don’t judge.