An Open Letter to Our Employees


Team –

I am deeply troubled by the events that have transpired across America as it relates to the inequity and mistreatment of the Black community – and I know many of you share the same sentiment.

As a values-based company that leads with empathy, it is our responsibility to the Black community within our organization and throughout the country, to listen and seek understanding. We must demonstrate solidarity with those seeking justice, and advocate for positive change and a more inclusive society. RXBAR is in the business of making a difference in people’s lives, empowering them to be their best, most authentic selves – and everyone deserves access to that fundamental right.

Over the weekend, protests commenced throughout our beloved city of Chicago, most heavily in the downtown area. This resulted in damage to our office’s exterior windows, which are currently undergoing repairs. No RXBAR employees were hurt, and we will take the necessary precautions to keep employees safe as we reopen the office for essential team members in the near term.

RXBAR was due to launch a Pride campaign to support the LGBTQ+ community today, but we will be postponing this celebration to be considerate of the adversities and continued protests around the country. We will take this time to focus on equality for all and contribute to the Black Lives Matter movement by donating $20,000 to My Block, My Hood, My City, and assisting them in rebuilding minority owned businesses that have been damaged.

We are better, smarter and stronger when we commit to making every employee, customer, and consumer feel welcomed, supported and respected in our community. It is important we continue this dialogue around freedom and equality in this country, so please reach out to me, your manager, the people team - or whomever you are most comfortable discussing these critical matters. We are here to support you.